Sunday, July 12, 2015

10 things because YOLO buddy!!

There is a very famous acronym with a very deep meaning that we dont realise. YOLO or you only live once. Its true. You do dont you? But are you really living. Or just existing to create a better YOU for a better future that you might or might not have. Here are 10 things you should totally stop doing and START LIVING... because seriously guys YOLO. :P

Bothering too much about College and Degrees
I mean I know education is important but we often end up wasting precious moments of our school life or college in worrying too much about where we want to go next. Make friends click pictures, capture these memories they are few of those memories that will bring back a smile. Hey! you are here for a purpose fulfil that first.

Like seriously just have that piece of cake. Really you have slogged all day mentally and physically then you obviously deserve a little something at the end of the day, dont you? But dont hog on it and ya dont forget to gym or practice yoga or whatever suits your bum!

Waiting for Mr. or Miss Right
Please stop. Right now you are your own Mr. Right or Miss Right. And i said too many rights in one sentence so probably this is really right. Why do you want to wait for someone to come in the future  and make your life better like what if he or she makes it more miserable. I am sure all you single people out there look at couples and think i wish.....sighhhh but hey! they think the same. Trust me. So stop searching and enjoy what you have right now.

Neglecting your folks
Stop that right now. If they had neglected you then probably you would be one of those addicts buying stuff from the peddlar behind some school or maybe you would be an ace criminal. Just kidding. But hey they gave up alot of their dreams to bring you up they deserve your time. And wether you want to believe it or not they won't be here forever. Better to be with them now than regret later. 

Saving it for the future
I mean money guys what were you thinking "wink-wink". Look i know education is turning expensive by the year and even jobs dont pay too well also this is India you cant be a baby sitter and newspaper boy to earn pocket money. But stop saving so much that you kill your dreams. Wanna buy that dress from the window display just do it.  Want to hang out in the pub with your friends please do. Like what are you really gonna do with that 1000 bucks you save become an investment banker in the future. The future YOU can manage his or her own finances. Really believe in yourself.

Today I will not feed this beggar on the street with the two rotis my mom told me take from the house and give off to someone but tomorrow or one day I will open up a shelter for the poor. Really? And when would that be after you aquire a stake in a Reliance or a Tata. Do these little things really its gonna give you more joy than you think.

Avoiding your sibblings
Ok they are our family not our pets. Admit it if you think of them only when all your friends are either out of town or your broke or your parents have give you the Karan Arjun dose on bonding. Remember when you went for marriages or functions or got punished  for pranks together. Ya that was them who stood next to you not your current squeeze or that hep new friend you got. 

Gaining knowledge
How often have you opened a link and thought thats too much to read or how often have you bought a book and thought will read it tomorrow but that tomorrow never came. Read, watch television, talk to people. This world is vast and enormous really. You dont even know what is happening somewhere at sometime that might effect your future. 


TRAVEL! TRAVEL! TRAVEL! If i got a chance i would really travel to outer space too if money was not a criterion or if i had not watched the Movie gravity. No but seriously get acting lessons join the IFI.. Indian film industry and travel. I think they see the most number of countries. I think there passports gets stamped and filled rather than expire. But travel. Whatever you can manage is good enough sometimes the journey is more interesting than the destination or the people.

Love. Just love. Start with yourself. Loving yourself does not mean you are selfish. It saves you from all the questions you ask God or the universe about your self. Loving yourself means to do things  right or wrong and then accept yourself. Then begin to love others... everyone from your pets to plants and to sibblings I told you earlier sibblings and pets are not the same. And then maybe fall in love with a person or with a hobby or with a book or a movie. But fall in love.  

This life should be large not long. Don't spoil this day because the future you will only look back in regret and say I Wish....