Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stilettos in the rain!!

Whoever told you to where flats on a rainy day....Puhlease...tats a thing of the past. Today it was raining cats and dogs...and I wore stilettos. Why step out in flats and get your pedicured feet mucky ..walk out in heels and the water will not even touch your soft beautiful feet and definitely not the hem of your jeans. Oh and dont even ask how everyone stared at my shoes today.
Anyway I went on tis boring rainy day to the parlor and got a nice haircut...actually an awesome one. (Rainy days are the best as you are one of the only people in the parlor). Im not afraid to cut them short...I just love the feeling of change! So should you. Every time you lose an inch and people tell u haven't lost weight tell them to SHUT UP! you know you have lost weight...n tats most important. Never let anyone dictate terms to you...Dont sell your soul to others...BE URSELF!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The new kid on the "blog"...

What is it about being fashionable these days? You can never keep up to it. Grazia, Vogue, Elle all of them are telling us how to be fashionable. The Dahlings...the la-di-da-s n the oh so fashionable ones tell us how to dress. But where is the individuality if we all roam around with the same Marc Jacobs bag n the same Manish Arora shoes?
the key is with you. The keys to unlock ur fashion find a world tats urs...the world tat evryone else envies. Its simple really... STOP BOTHERING ABOUT WAT OTHRS SAY ABOUT UR FASHION SENSE! u r not them and they are definitely nt you Gurl! take hours at a stretch to get tat perfect look. Dont match ur heels with ur bag n definitely nt wid ur top!! Mismatch evrythng...go crazy tryin on the clothes n ur wordrobe...and then use the confidence u gt behind the closed doors outside...Walk out in the outfit tat gives u the feelin of getiin nirvana...n the Mmirror never lies...only wen u stand sideways n look at urself...walk out feelin like u r paparazzi material...n the whole world is lookin at you...dnt forgt the shades...n definitely not the "YOU" scent....HAve a nice day tommorow!! :)